Tucker, FGDCh



Tucker is a pointer cross as far as we can tell. He was rescued from a Wal-Mart dumpster in Tennessee in November 2003. He was only about 4 weeks old then. He started learning flyball in June 2004 to give him an outlet for all of his energy and he LOVES it.  Tucker has been finding his groove and improving his box turn, cranking out better speeds every year. 
Tucker is owned by Juli Bitler but will run for anyone brave enough to grab his harness and frisbee.....  He HATES to wait his turn.

Tucker ran his first tournament with KETCH on 11/13/2005.                                                                                                                                                        

Tucker earned his FD and FDX tiltles with Express Delivery on 2/12/2006.                                                                                                                                  

Tucker earned his FDCh title on 9/24/2006.       

Tucker earned his FDCh-S title on 2/10/2007.      

Tucker earned his FDCh-G title on 7/8/2007.     

Tucker earned his FM title on 2/10/2008.       

Tucker earned his FMX title on 4/19/2009.

Tucker earned his FMCh title on 3/14/2010.  

Tucker earned his Onyx title on 11/14/2010.       

Tucker earned his FGDC title on 4/22/2012.