George, Onyx


                                                                                                             Photo by Diane Fuller

George is a rescued whippet who was adopted in October 2006.  He now owns and handles Shawn Hart. He is a handsome white and brindle boy who loves to run, jump and look for anybody in a mile radius who may dish out a cookie. George is a rare whippet - with what some say "a border collie brain." When we adopted George, the only manners he had were bad ones. Now he loves to train and is very attentive, which is great for his busy mind. George has been finding his groove at tournaments, remembering to bring back the ball most of the time ;)   George loves to show the Border Collies what speed is really all about >>>>>>>>>>O


George ran in his first tournament on July 11 & 12, 2007.  He earned his FD title on 7/11 and his FDX title on 7/12.

George earned his FDCh title on 6/14/08

George earned his FDCh-S title on 8/10/08

George earned his FDCh-G title on 2/14/09

George earned his FM title on 6/13/09.

George earned his FMX title on 3/13/10.

George earned his FMCh title on 1/16/11.

George earned his Onyx title on 1/14/2012.

Photos by Diane Fuller & Dr. Difonzo