Baron, FMCh





Baron is a rescue Border Collie from Dallas, Texas. He was stranded in a rural area and found swimming during a flood. He was taken to a resuce group and adopted at 8 weeks old. Baron began receiving clicker training immediately, however often forgets his manners. He has watched his older adopted sister do agility since he was adopted and began his own agility classes at 5 months old. He began Flyball in May 2008, soon after he moved to Florida. He is currently attending as many flyball and agility classes as he can. Baron is very smart and happy, loves to play with anyone or anything, and swim in all water, whether the beach or his water dish.


Baron warmed up with Express Delivery in February of 2009 and showed amazing concentration his first time on the racing lanes.  Since then he has turned into a very consistent and reliable dog, running without errors.

Click HERE for a video clip of Baron's warm-up.

FD - 6/14/2009
FDX - 8/8/09
FDCh - 8/9/09
FDCh-S - 11/7/09
FDCh-G - 1/24/10
FM - 6/13/10
FMX - 3/19/11
FMCh - 12/04/11