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In the Orlando area!

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Humans (L-R) Front Row: Christine Cruz, Krissi Williams, Shawn Barkley, Juli Bitler, Lauren Cherryholmes          

Back Row: Melanie Higgins, Deanna Colliatie, Whitney Hoyt, Gary Shaffer, Sandy Shaffer, Rob Bitler

Dogs (L-R)  Front Row: Baron (Golden Retriever), Molly (JRT), George (Whippet), Tucker (Mix), Baron (BC) Flash (BC)

Back Row:  Angie (Mix), Coder (Weimaraner), Kya (Mix), Jake (Airdale), Scuba (Lab), Comet (Mix), Dino (Flat Coated Retriever)

Express Delivery - 2013

Click here to see a video of Tucker, Molly (JRT), Baron (Golden) and George racing on February 15, 2009

Express Delivery holds flyball practice on Sunday nights a few times each month.   We practice at Ranger's Pet Outpost and Retreat in Winter Park, FL.    Please contact us to find out more information regarding our practice schedule as well as other upcoming events.

Our club schedule is managed on Meetup.com.   If you are interested in following our schedule of practices and tournaments, join our Meetup group for access to our calendar.

Flyball classes are run at University of Doglando when we have enough interest built up.   We are currently mid-session and will be looking to run another session in the fall.   Please contact Doglando if you have interest in classes.   We can also arrange one-day seminars for your group or club.

Call or email Rob Bitler (386) 785-7870 for more information. rob@expressdeliveryflyball.com

(back) Juli & Tucker, Rob & Dino, Shawn & Haley (front) Krissi & Molly at the Tropic Flyball Tournament.